Who is vodník (Waterman)?

Vodník (Waterman) is the traditional character of Czech fairytales and fables.
Various water spirits or water fairies exist in the mythology of majority of countries,
but czech Waterman is somehow special. Sometimes he drowns people, too,
and he puts theirs soul into a cup, but he chooses only bad people.

However, most of the watermen are very friendly and helps us - they take care of fishes
and state of water.

You can recognize waterman by water dripping from his green coat's coat-tail,
also, some of them have green hair or skin.

Watermen can be found in lot of fairytales, books and movies. Most famous include:

  • Kytice (1853, Wild flowers) by Karel Jaromír Erben - this book contains several ballads with
    traditional fable themes. Some of the ballads (including Waterman) was filmed in the
    movie Kytice (2000) (IMDb, DVDtime).
  • Pohádka vodnická (1932, Waterman tale) by Karel Čapek
  • Movie Jak utopit dr. Mráčka (IMDb)